Specialist valuations for a wide range of personal, commercial, residential and public sector projects.

Skinner Holden Property Advisors provides RICS Red Book valuations of property in rural areas and market towns throughout the South-East of England and the Isle of Wight.

Iain has built up extensive experience as a valuation surveyor. He is particularly skilled at rural valuation and has valued properties ranging from a country house and estate to houses and pony paddocks.

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Obtaining permissions, particularly in rural areas, can be a complex task.

The process can be lengthy and can call for knowledge about everything from environmental and landscape concerns to contaminated land and access. Iain’s experience as a rural planning consultant enables him to manage applications from initial site appraisal to final application, simplifying the process for his clients.

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Skinner Holden Property Advisors can support you throughout the process of complusory purchase.

Many public bodies and private companies have compulsory powers to acquire interests in land. Skinner Holden acts for both landowners who may be subject to a compulsory purchase order and for acquiring authorities.

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Advising on environmental schemes, nitrate off-setting, bio-diversity net gain and more.

Iain was one of the first Chartered Surveyors to advise on environmental schemes for developers, including the creation of habitat for the translocation of protected species.

More recent advice has been given to charities, local authorities and landowners on nitrate off-setting and bio-diversity net gain opportunities.

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Working with clients to identify property strategies and optimise the value of holdings.

Iain’s long and diverse career in rural real estate has given him an invaluable breadth of knowledge in managing rural estates. This is useful when facilitating Whole Estate Plans, Integrated Land Management Plans and other strategic planning documents for land holdings.

A strong strategic document will help an estate owner and the other stakeholders to understand an estate, what it comprises of and what can be done with it to achieve their desired outcomes.

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CASE STUDY | Advising a London livery company on residential redevelopment

Iain was approached by a project manager, acting on behalf of a London Livery Company, to provide a planning and development review of one of the Company’s social housing sites to ascertain whether it could be redeveloped from 6 houses to provide 30 apartments. The site was located on the edge of a Sussex market town. The concise, comprehensive report enabled the members to make an informed decision as to whether or not to apply for planning permission.


Iain at Skinner Holden completed the valuation in a very timely and professional manner.  I was impressed with the detail put into the valuation and the research that had gone into it.  I would recommend Skinner Holder wholeheartedly.

Mary Renwick, Formerly of Harrison Renwick Accountants (Now Lewis Brownlee)
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