Compulsory Purchase of Land and Real Estate

Like all new areas of business, the management of real estate to provide services to wider society has spawned a rash of jargon which can clarify issues but can also create a smoke screen for those looking for opportunities.  This article will demystify some of the jargon and help developers, farmers and land-owners to [...]

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Boundary Trees

Many instructions require several areas of expertise to unpick the problem presented by the client. They take careful thought, research and a detailed understanding of the legal, physical and human issues involved. Boundary trees are a prime example. Whether living in cities or leafy villages, we all value the trees that create character, cast [...]

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Creating income and fulfilling legal obligations on estates owned by Charities

Real Estate is an important consideration for many charities. It can be the reason that the charity exists or the mechanism through which a charity delivers its aims and objectives. Many charities also receive property by way of bequest, to sell or hold as an investment. No matter why real estate is held, it [...]

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Glamping – should it be part of your business strategy?

Like all decisions regarding rural estates and farms, whether or not to provide luxurious accommodation on your property will depend on many factors; all of which need to be considered and weighted before coming to a conclusion. A comprehensive estate review is the best place to start as there are many opportunities which can be [...]

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Abseil challenge

Skinner Holden's new Director raises money for Chestnut Tree House by abseiling down the side of the Bakehouse Tower. Rachael Wildman grew up near Arundel and has been familiar with the site of the tower for many years but never thought that she would see the outside of it from such a close angle. Climbing [...]

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