Green Belt – Does that mean I can’t develop my land?

The concept of Green Belt in England was introduced around London in 1938 and extended to other cities from 1955. 15 towns and cities now have a green belt policy to prevent urban sprawl. They are: Newcastle Upon Tyne, York, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool, Nottingham, Stoke on Trent, Birmingham & Coventry, Cambridge, London, Oxford, [...]

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Reviewing your rural business?

Following on from the last thought piece, this article considers what you should take into account when thinking about creating new income streams for your rural enterprise. Many business expansion projects are driven by the requirement for more revenue. Even though this maybe the case, it is important to put the financial issues to [...]

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Is Rural Diversification Dead?

I have been involved in agriculture and the rural economy since 1987, frightening to think that that is over 30 years ago now. We studied many agricultural enterprises, dairy, poultry, pigs, beef, sheep and arable. There was a separate enterprise called diversification. This considered many of the usual suspects; B&B, food production, equine etc [...]

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